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The Nomadizer MiFi Router is your personal hotspot on-the-go. You take it with you, switch it on at your location at any trip and offers internet connectivity everywhere on this globe. You are instantly connected with any mobile network at your location.

Go over to our SIM partners website, DistriConnect, and find the best performing 4G global roaming SIMs and be surprised by their cheap rates! Global connectivity, simple, reliable and affordable. Read there about their offer and why their SIM is so special and unique. Really futureproof.

You can still get the DistriConnect SIM’s through our webshop as well. There is no difference in tariffs for the SIM’s and traffic consumption.

What is it?

The Nomadizer is a MiFi router utilizing 1 or 2 SIM’s (dependent on the model you choose) which offer the lowest tariffs in the respective locations. This ensures a globally available, highly cost-effective, secured, private connection.

You buy data volume credit before you leave on your holiday or business trip. When you arrive on your location and need data access for your telephone, tablet or laptop you simply switch on the Nomadizer and it provides you with a secured private WiFi network on-the-go against the lowest cost possible. Anywhere. Period.

Ofcourse you can always buy credit, everywhere, this is not restricted to your native country.

What are the benefits?

Mobile Broadband like 4G, also known as LTE, is almost every available and otherwise it will be 3G (UMTS/HSPA+). With a DistriConnect pay-as-you-go SIM you only pay for the used data at your location. The DistriConnect SIM offer takes care of a flatrate everywhere. You know upfront the low flatrate. The Nomadizer MiFi Router displays the datavolume consumed, in MB or GB.  This way you will never be surprised with shockbills, one or two months later. You are in control, always. We just provide the tools. The SIM and MiFi Router go hand-in-hand.

The Nomadizer MiFi router uses selective 4G or 3G networks on location. Almost everywhere available networks are guaranteed by 1 or 2 SIM’s. Not just in the city but also in the countryside. This ensures the best and cheapest network at that specific location.

The Nomadizer MiFi router is a highly sophisticated device which operates over 4G and 3G networks almost everywhere in the world. Europe, Asia, the Middle-East, North and almost all of South America, Australia and large parts of Africa. Excluding Japan. Why? Because Japan is using exclusive 4G and 3G frequency bands not covered by any ‘worldwide MiFi router’ like our products. When you need coverage in Japan buy a cheap MiFi router in Japan when you arrive there. We take care of the rest of the world.

Why the Nomadizer?

Quite simple. Hassle free installation and getting up and running quickly. Unlike many other MiFi routers the Nomadizer is special aimed for worldwide support. Buy a Nomadizer and you never need any other MiFi router. It supports 4G, wherever available in the world. At some locations 4G is not available, like specific countries in Africa and Latin America. But than there is 3G support at these locations. So connectivity is assured, and  bandwidth is also assured ranging from good to superb! You will have a hard time finding a competing MiFi router like ours.

Our tests have shown a 2 to 5 times beter bandwidth compared to your Smartphone at the same location. This is our promise for a good connectivity and reply at the always-coming- question ‘why just not using your smartphone in tethering mode?’. Simply because the MiFi Router is designed for optimum connectivity¬† for multiple users, your phone just isn’t. And your phone subscription sure isn’t!

Our promise to you is a steady expansion of the Nomadizer product range. We have enough ideas about new features we want to add or implement together with R&D to our range of MiFi routers, extending functionality to new areas you will acknowledge that make the Nomadizer stand off the crowd.

We dare to say we will re-invent the MiFi router maturing it from gadget to must-have product for all sorts of reasons. A communications buddy offering mobile broadband connectivity everywhere in the world and keeping you in contact with all your valuable assets.


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